theory for dummies


I have found that a lot of singers who have little or no theory knowledge would benefit from knowing some basic stuff.  So here are some videos that  simplify some basic theory.


I will be posting more so check back later to see what's new.


This video is about the Cycle of 5ths, what key signatures are about and why all the sharps and flats are there.  Even with little or no theory knowledge, it should make sense to you.

the modes

This video just shows the relationship of each mode to the major scale.  Its short.  There are other videos below that you can use to practice singing them.

Practicing Singing the modes


The scales play once on flute and then again very far in the background on piano so you can sing the scale yourself.  Please listen to the scale played before you sing so that you're pretty sure you're going to sing them correctly.  (There is no point in practicing mistakes because your voice remembers everything you did, the right and the wrong.)


To help you get the best intonation use what is called the "twang" sound.  "Nay" works well.  Whenever you feel your voice tensing up, just stop.