Self-taught singers


Now and again I get singers (often professionals, often not) who come to me for what is called a 'clinic lesson'.  This is a lesson where the singer just needs some help with a particular problem he or she has.


But very often the singer just has a lot of questions about how best to train themselves.  They want to know things like,

  • why can't I get my breathing under control?
  • why am I straining on these high notes?
  • what are vocal registers? 
  • what is the "blended voice"?
  • why am I going out of tune when I sing in this or that range?
  • why am I having trouble with this part of a song I'm singing?  How do I overcome it?
  • what are they talking about in this part of the voice training program I bought?
  • am I doing this or that exercise right?
  • do my lyrics make any sense? 

I don't consider these "lessons", but consultations.  I'm not here to teach you my method (whatever that would be).  It mostly comes down to listening to what you have to say about your voice and what you believe about training it.


It's always important to know what the singer's understanding is.  Then the advice begins...


changing your approach

Sometimes the advice is to change the exercises you're doing; sometimes I suggest some changes in your repertoire until you strengthen some weakness.  But very often it just comes down to helping you to change the way you approach your training overall.  Sometimes it's just a matter of steering you away from any misconceptions you might have.



online consultation

With the wonders of the internet, I am no longer limited to helping singers who can come to my teaching room.  I also don't have to do it anymore by email and sending mp3 recordings back and forth.  There is now Skype and Messenger.


So... if you just want some advice from someone who is not your teacher but just another singer who happens to know a lot more than you, then you can contact me and we can set up a date.  Although it is not a lesson, there would naturally be some singing going on...


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